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GivingData’s grants management system is purpose-built to assist grantmakers in practicing trust-based philanthropy.

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GivingData activates your trust-based philanthropy through:



Create custom applications with clear guidelines and requirements, and deliver real-time status updates on grant progress.


Provide your partners with a Grantee Portal that exceeds the necessary requirements of a trust-based philanthropy process.


Promote authentic and sustained relationships and consistent collaboration with every organization you work with.

The Critical Role of Technology in Trust-Based Philanthropy


At GivingData, we strongly believe that while trust-based philanthropy doesn’t just start with technology, many of the structures and practices involved require a grants management software purpose-built for foundations with these ideals in mind. When we say purpose-built, we mean software designed to meet the specific requirements of grantmakers. 


In many ways, our software supports and exemplifies the six core practices involved in trust-based philanthropy.

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Provide an Easy-to-Use and Streamlined Application Process to Grantees

Ensure your grant application process is aligned with trust-based practices, including the ability to download the entire application, save and return later, track progress, use branching logic, and more. Our grantmaking software streamlines the process for you and your nonprofit partners, saving everyone time and frustration.

Plan Multi-Year Projects and Adjust to Changing Circumstances

Easily manage multi-year commitments and conduct scenario planning in real-time. Our grant management system is flexible enough to assist your foundation with adapting to changing circumstances - for example, setting up expedited grantmaking processes during times where funding becomes more urgent.


Capture In-App Communications and Promote Transparency

Chat directly with your nonprofit partners through the system, while also providing them access to these conversations, their grant applications, status updates, and more through the intuitive Grantee Portal. This helps achieve a high level of responsiveness and transparency between your foundation and these organizations.

Democratize Knowledge to Ease the Grantee Burden

Utilize our grant lifecycle management tools to make it easier for your foundation to preserve information and interactions with all the organizations you work with. Build institutional knowledge of these relationships by capturing engagements with an organization, ensuring consistency in communication amongst staff. 

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Gather Feedback and Bolster Relationships

At its core, trust-based philanthropy is about improving the equity and accountability of the relationships between grantmakers and nonprofits. Use our grant management system to create surveys that can be sent through the Grantee Portal. Use this feedback to modify existing processes, and report how it was put to use.

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