Demographics via Candid Integration

Advance your foundation's equitable funding practices.

Gain insight into an organization's demographic data through Candid.


Add a preview of an applicant's profile to applications.


Provide grantees with direct access to update their Candid profile.


Set benchmarks and measure progress toward your grantmaking goals.


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GivingData Collaborates with Candid to Advance Equitable Funding Practices

The partnership with Demographics via Candid helps funders set benchmarks related to their grantmaking to diverse and BIPOC-led and -serving organizations, while at the same time helping grantseekers cut down on duplicate information requests.

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About Demographics via Candid

Demographics via Candid empowers nonprofits to share their demographic data one time (Data1x), on their Candid profile, where it can be accessed and re-used by all. Through this initiative, Candid freely provides nonprofit demographic data to make the granting process quicker, easier, and more efficient. 

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Demographics via Candid is available at all GivingData subscription levels at no additional cost.

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