Collaborative Grantmaking: 3 Foundations' Journey to Greater Efficiency



In August 2023, three independent family foundations moved into a shared office space to increase collaboration, share knowledge, and reduce costs. Since then, this collaboration has evolved to include unexpected opportunities for efficiency, such as moving to a common application and grants management system.


In this panel webinar, GivingData's Chief Innovation Officer, Roberto Cremonini, sits down with representatives from each foundation to discuss how this transition has not only improved operational efficiencies but also positively impacted their grantees' experience.

Our panel for this webinar includes:

Annie Appleton, Program Director at the Sartain Lanier Family Foundation

Holly Bills, Grants Manager at the Tull Charitable Foundation

Rachel Sprecher, Relationships and Operations Manager at the R. Howard Dobbs Jr. Foundation

For lean foundations or grantmakers seeking new ways of partnering with peers, this webinar introduces a new collaboration model and describes the challenges and benefits of implementing it.