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GivingData Announces E-Signature Integrations with Adobe Sign and DocuSign

Boston, MA, July 20, 2020 - GivingData is pleased to announce two new integrations to support automated and paperless agreements between foundations and their nonprofit partners. 

With the integration of industry-leading solutions from DocuSign and Adobe Sign, GivingData now allows foundations to easily send, track, and collect e-signatures directly within the GivingData platform. This is particularly important today as foundation teams work remotely and face growing demands to process a greater number of grantee agreements in response to urgent funding requests related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When DocuSign or Adobe Sign integration is enabled on the GivingData platform, users have the option to send any signature-ready documents directly to a grantee and foundation staff with a request for one or several e-signatures. A GivingData user can select recipients from a drop-down list of contacts stored on the platform, and specify the order in which e-signatures should be collected. The platform automatically tracks the status of signatures and alerts users once documents are fully executed. 

GivingData's e-signature integration enables any signature-ready document
      to be sent and tracked.
GivingData's e-signature integration enables any signature-ready document to be sent and tracked.

“Integration with third-party solutions has been a defining feature of GivingData from day one, so we’re thrilled to add two leading providers of e-signature solutions to our list of partners,” said David Goldsmith, GivingData’s senior vice president of strategy. “This is one more way for us to eliminate friction in the grantmaking process and get funds to grantees as efficiently as possible.” 

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GivingData helps foundations manage and transform grantmaking with its purpose-built grants management platform and expert consulting practice. The team is comprised of former foundation leaders and seasoned software engineers, with a passion for helping foundations leverage technology to streamline their grantmaking and strengthen their impact. 

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