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GivingData Rolls Out New Subscription Tiers for Grantmaking Foundations

Product line-up offers scalable, purpose-built solutions for small, mid-sized, and large funders

CAMBRIDGE, MA, February 23 2021 - GivingData today unveiled three new subscription tiers designed to address the evolving needs of small, mid-sized, and large foundations as they move to streamline their operations and strengthen the user experience for their teams and nonprofit partners. 

GivingData has been innovating in the grants management space since its inception in 2016. Its clients include grantmaking foundations that provide funding to nonprofit organizations and NGOs across the social impact sector at the regional, national, and global level. 

Foundations around the world are replacing legacy grants management systems with GivingData’s purpose-built platform to streamline their grantmaking operations and vastly improve the user experience. GivingData’s new product line-up and subscription tiers include GivingData Go, Pro, and Enterprise, ensuring scalability and extensibility as foundations require more advanced tools to address more complex needs over time. 

“Regardless of their size, foundations are realize that access to easy-to-use, yet sophisticated tools to manage relationships, knowledge, and data have become a must-have,” said David Goldsmith, Senior Vice President of Strategy at GivingData. “That’s why every subscription tier in our new offering includes a grantee portal, constituency relationship management, customizable reporting tools, and integrations for Single Sign-On logins and document management.”  

This last year, as the pandemic pushed grantmakers to be more agile and responsive to the needs of hard-hit nonprofits, a growing number of small- to mid-sized foundations migrated their grants management systems to the GivingData platform. To support this trend, GivingData redesigned its subscription tiers, with a goal to meet foundations where they were and enable clients to move seamlessly from one tier to the next as their needs evolve. 

“As foundations respond to today’s extraordinary challenges, enabling their teams to optimize their processes and improve the user experience for their nonprofit partners has never been more essential to their effectiveness,” said Goldsmith. “We’re thrilled to offer a solution that brings best-in-class tools to funders regardless of their size and budgets.”

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GivingData helps foundations manage and transform grantmaking with its purpose-built, customizable grants management platform and expert consulting practice. The team is comprised of former foundation leaders and seasoned software engineers, with a passion for helping foundations leverage technology to streamline their grantmaking and strengthen their impact.

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