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Grant Management Software System: Platforms for Creating Relationships

At the end of the day, grant management is all about collaboration and relationships. From the individuals and organizations who provide the funds, to the beneficiaries of the many social programs that grants make possible, helping people accomplish their goals and live better lives is what matters most.

And at the heart of every one of these operations, you will undoubtedly find a passionate and altruistic grant manager who truly cares about the relationships they are building with grant recipients and funding organizations.

However, grant managers know that establishing and elevating these relationships can be a tiresome task, no matter how much they care about the individuals and outcomes of these meaningful connections.

That’s why companies like GivingData have developed a powerful solution for maintaining the relationships among grant managers, funders, and grant recipients. A grant management software system is there to facilitate communication in a collaborative online environment without letting important details slip through the cracks.

Let’s look at some of the impactful features of a grant management software system and how these can help grant managers tend to some of the most important relationships in their busy lives.

How does a Grant Management Software System Support Relationships?

Anyone who has ever had a significant relationship, whether it’s with a parent, spouse, friend, or colleague, knows the importance of communication for cultivating lasting partnerships. And this is all the more important when those relationships are at a distance.

So when we say that a grant management software system promotes relationships, what we really mean is that they promote communication. Here’s how they do it:


You might be thinking that automation is somewhat impersonal, and you might even say that it doesn’t count as real communication since there is a program that is handling the communication for you. Well, take a minute to look at this way.

Have you ever had every intention to reach out to someone but got too busy and forgot? By using your grant management software system to automatically send important reminders for deadlines and updates, you can actually increase the amount of personal communication between you and your colleagues.

When you send out an automated message, you will be starting a conversation that you can jump into as soon as you get a response. Furthermore, you can customize your automated batch emails in your grant management software system so your recipients get your message in your own voice.

In reality, automation actually promotes real communication because you’ll never forget to hit send. Additionally, there are many other processes that can be automated within your grant management software system, allowing you to free up more of your time and focus on things that matter most.

Some examples of automated processes in grant management software systems include organizing documents, filling out forms, delegating tasks, and managing finances. When you take repetitive and mundane tasks off your plate, you can dedicate your valuable time and resources to more important matters that will advance your organization’s goals.


With document sharing and collaboration features, a grant management software system turns accessing and sharing essential information into a completely seamless process.

By storing all of the documents for a single project in one centralized location, you can reduce the amount of back and forth communication and get everyone on the same page. When everyone who is involved in the project has access to everything they need, communication among team members becomes more informed and meaningful, and individual team members will feel more included throughout the entire project.

In-App Communication

In-app communication is an essential part of centralizing and streamlining communication throughout the grant management process. Your grant management software system will incorporate instant-messaging features so you can interact with team members and grantees regarding grant applications and funding.

You can also leave comments on documents to request specific information, make suggestions, and provide feedback during the grant review process. By adding comments directly to documents, you will be able to convey your message more clearly since the document provides added context for your words.

GivingData’s grant management software system will also allow you to integrate your email account so you can keep track of your communications regarding specific projects. Emails regarding specific projects will automatically be filtered and assigned to their corresponding funding campaigns.

Reporting and Dashboards

When using a grant management software system, grant managers will have access to detailed overviews of grant progress and critical financial information, which allows them to make informed decisions, identify areas that need improvement, and effectively allocate resources. Through the use of these comprehensive insights, grant managers can closely monitor each grant’s progress, while also tracking expenditures and assessing the impact of all of their active grants.

Because grant management software system reporting and dashboard capabilities make retrieving and sharing data so effortless, they will inevitably improve communication throughout the entire organization. With a grant management software system in place, you will never need to dig through folder after folder of documents and spreadsheets to find what you’re looking for.

Grant managers can also use this data to automatically generate financial reports, giving them a greater level of accountability when distributing funds. When someone asks for information, you can create a custom report template that automatically fills in the blanks with the correct values, and you can also save these templates for future use in other projects.


With GivingData’s grant management software system, you get seamless communications among funders, grantees, and team members, no matter how many active projects you have.

With our powerful integrations and tools for communication, you can keep everyone involved up to date and on the same page, whether they are in the office, working from home, or in the field.

GivingData’s grant management software system is trusted by hundreds of grant managers and organizations to handle all of their giving needs. If you want to learn more about GivingData’s powerful grant management platform and revamp your entire grant management process, click here to set up a free demo!

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