Meet Our Team: Joe Bindert

Joe Bindert is a Senior Application Developer at GivingData with a passion for using technology to solve business problems and create easy-to-use solutions for corporate users as well as customers. Before joining GivingData, he co-founded Deltify Learning, a software company offering solutions for personalized and group tutoring. A New Jersey native who recently relocated to Richmond, Virginia, Joe is big on traveling and seeking out far-flung micro-breweries wherever they can be found.

What was your journey to becoming a software engineer?

It certainly wasn't a traditional one. When I graduated from college, my first employer was a tech company that had me work in a variety of software-focused roles, but never to the extent where I was actually writing code. After a few years, I decided coding was something I might like to try. So I eventually found a role at a different company that offered to take me under their wing and support me in becoming a software engineer. It took a lot of learning, research, practice, and patience, but I was gradually able to grow into a competent software engineer, charting a new career path that eventually led me to GivingData.

What inspired you to join GivingData?

Shortly before I joined GivingData, I was feeling the need to put my skills to use towards something that could make a positive difference in the world. I searched for new opportunities for a while but nothing seemed to fit the bill until I discovered GivingData. Not only do we make software for organizations that are trying to make an impact, we also use a lot of technologies that I specialized in, along with others I was excited to learn more about.

What's been one of your most exciting projects here?

There have been quite a few actually, including integrations with Microsoft Outlook, and e-Signature integrations with DocuSign and Adobe Sign, to name a few. But the thing that I'm most excited about is the upgrade we're currently working on to migrate our code base to newer, industry-leading technologies.

GivingData is a place that values diverse experiences and perspectives, even if you're someone who just recently joined the organization.

It's super refreshing to work for a company that's willing to commit to keeping the technologies they use up-to-date and secure. Not only will it be a great learning experience from a software engineering perspective, it will also lead to a revamped experience and a variety of enhancements for our customers.

What does GivingData's purpose-driven mission mean to you?

In all honesty, the world can unfortunately be a harsh and unforgiving place for a lot of people — something that's been increasingly obvious as time goes on, especially over these last few years. The fact that I'm working to make it easier for organizations to help others, even if just a bit, is really refreshing.

What advice would you give a new member of our team?

GivingData is a place that values diverse experiences and perspectives, even if you're someone who just recently joined the organization. If you think we could be doing something better, not only are we ok with hearing that, we encourage you to tell us.

Which aspect of your work is most rewarding?

It's great to know that your work is used and appreciated by your customers — especially if your customers are working to do good in the world. But it's also really rewarding to know that the rest of the GivingData team recognizes your work and sees the value you bring to the table. The folks at GivingData make it a point to recognize, acknowledge, and reward great work whenever they can, which is always very much appreciated.

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