National Pet Day: Meet the GivingData Team's Purr-fect Companions

April 11 is National Pet Day! For the holiday, we wanted to highlight some of the furry companions at GivingData who support our team every day. We asked our team to send in submissions of their pets and tell us a little bit about what makes them special.

 We hope you enjoy today with your furry friends!


Copper (Mya Goodman, Client Success Manager)


“Copper, my family’s 2.5-year-old mini Goldendoodle. He’s often curled up under my desk during calls.” 

Mickey (Claudia Ellebrecht, Implementation Manager)


“My cat Mickey! He is 14 years old. His breed is American Curl. He loves to scratch the material on my desk chair so when I get up I often come back to find him sitting at my desk

One of his quirks is that he doesn’t know he can jump, so jumping up onto a chair is about as high as he will confidently jump.”

Maverick, Scout and Gus (Blair Stenzel, Implementation Manager)


"Maverick (husky), Scout (my little mutt), and Gus our cat."

Maggie (Anne Hossner, Senior Manager of Learning and Enablement)


"Maggie! 1.5-year-old golden retriever. Very naughty but negates this by being exceptionally cute." 

 Penny (Julie Gamboa, VP of Client Success) 


"Here's Penny! She's a mini Golden Doodle but didn't get the curls of the poodle, so she's a disheveled mess which fits perfectly with our family. She loves playing ball and going on walks with her brothers, sunbathing, and stealing stuffed animals. She also loves to eat socks and rocks."

Einstein (Casey DeSain, Senior Marketing Manager) 

Image from iOS-1

"Einstein (or Ein) is a Jack Russell terrier we rescued about 4 years ago. His favorite (and possibly least favorite) person is our daughter Desi. They have a very love-hate relationship but he’s always so sweet to her even when she isn’t nice to him!"

Charlie and Stanley (Olivia Marin, Marketing Intern)

Charlie and Stanley
"This is Charlie (3) and Stanley (12). They are very loving brothers! Charlie is very active and vocal, while Stanley prefers to nap away the day." 

Piper (Andy Bawcombe, Manager, Client Support Escalation)


"This is Piper. He’s 8 years old and came to us through a rescue organization that pulled him from a high-kill shelter in Alabama. He’s super smart, completely chill and a perfect family dog. We’re lucky he’s ours!"

 Remy, Suki, and Egg (Jeremiah Tan, Client Success Manager)


Remy (white cat)

"Remy, our oldest (3 years old), is a silly boy and quite the character. Since he grew up with a dog, he knows basic commands like sit, paw, and also plays fetch! Remy is also a social butterfly and loves to meet new people!"

Suki (grey and white cat)

"Suki is the angel of the family! She's a bit shy with new people but with us, she's playful, cuddly, and is just the sweetest - but she does have a spicy side and can hold her own if needed. She's truly special!"

Egg (legal name) but everyone calls her "Eggie" (dog)

"Talk about a lap dog that doesn't know her size - Eggie is one the friendliest doggos you'll ever meet! She absolutely loves meeting new people and playing with her friends at the park. Eggie is around 2 years old so is technically the baby of the family, even though she's the biggest. Fun fact, her nickname actually means "baby" in Korean and she definitely lives up to her name."


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