Orchestrate System Change using GivingData’s Portfolio Management Tool

Foundations have learned the hard way that trying to affect system change one grant at a time can quickly turn into a quixotic effort. What is needed instead is a portfolio of coordinated and strategic interventions – a grantmaking approach that most grants management systems don’t support.

This engaging webinar includes a conversation with Giving Data's Roberto Cremonini and Russell Ramsey, Director of Learning & Evaluation at Houston Endowment. Watch the webinar below to hear how they are improving their ability to see and change systems by using GivingData’s Portfolio Management tool.

Discover how Houston Endowment is using Portfolios to:

  • Move away from “individual grants as the unit of action and analysis”
  • Redesign strategies and improve the organization’s understanding of impact
  • Build new habits for cross-team collaboration and learning
  • Work more efficiently and transparently with grantees