3 Steps to Optimization: Get the Most Out of Your Grants Management System

Are you getting the most out of your grants management system? Are you leveraging all the tools available to your foundation in the most streamlined ways possible?

In collaboration with our partner at Philanthropy.io, Mary Kadzielski, learn what it means to optimize your grants management system and the steps to do it. Also, hear examples from GivingData and how our team has helped optimize systems and processes for foundations. 

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Mary Kadzielski, Consultant at Philanthropy.io, explains the three steps to optimizing your grants management system: Audit, Synthesize, and Optimize. She’s joined by two GivingData implementation experts, Neha Jindia and Blair Stenzel, who provide real examples and best practices to audit your system and identify unused or underutilized features that grantmakers can overlook.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What a system optimization is and how to do it
  • When you should consider a system optimization
  • What systems and processes within your organization you should be thinking about more critically

Speakers Webinar 509 Optimize Your GMS

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