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It starts with relationships. Our purpose-built grants management tools unite funders and grantees in a shared mission to focus on what matters most — working collaboratively to solve problems and increase impact.


Streamline your grantmaking process, build trust-based relationships, and strengthen the work of your entire foundation through GivingData's next-generation grants management system.

Empower your team and grantees

Streamline the entire grants lifecycle.

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Connect, collaborate, and share information with your grantees in real-time.


Give key stakeholders easy access to actionable insights.


Track progress toward outcomes and grantmaking impact.

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How The Starr Foundation Accelerated Its Grantmaking

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How Overdeck Family Foundation Moved from Spreadsheets to One Unified System

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How The Tepper Foundation is Building Grantee Relationships

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Through a mix of in-person events and digital touchpoints, learn and grow as a foundation and GivingData user with hundreds of grantmakers using GivingData to advance and strengthen their work. The GivingData community gathers regularly online and in person, including at our annual GDConnect user conference.

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Identifying Grants Management Roles within a Foundation's Strategy Lifecycle

There are many roles grants managers can play to support a foundation's strategy lifecycle. Learn what those roles can be and how to identify them in various projects within a foundation.

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Equitable Grantmaking in Action: A Conversation with Candid and Siegel Family Endowment

This webinar focuses on the vital role of demographic data in equitable grantmaking. Hear a first-hand story from a foundation that found a streamlined approach to collecting demographic data.

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The Hilton Foundation Improves Efficiency in Grantmaking & Consistency in Grantee Experience

Learn how Conrad N. Hilton Foundation used its grants management system to empower the foundation to enhance and optimize its processes and improve grantee experience.

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