Equitable Grantmaking in Action: A Conversation with Candid and Siegel Family Endowment

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GivingData is a Proud Supporter of PEAK2023

GivingData is proud to sponsor the online stream of the PEAK2023 sessions for virtual attendees. Members of the GivingData team across product, ...

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Top GMS Features Grantmakers Are Looking for in 2023

More than a decade ago, GivingData was built hand-in-hand with grantmakers who needed better technology to help them do their work. We continue to ...

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How Grantmakers are Putting Trust-Based Philanthropy into Action

At the core of the trust-based philanthropy (TBP) movement is an invitation to grantmakers to center their work around advancing equity, ending power ...

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Doing More with Less: How Smart Technology Supports Lean Funders

Last year, foundations in the U.S. contributed more than 90 billion dollars to nonprofit programs feeding the hungry, educating the next generation, ...

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Donnelley Foundation Enhances Relationships with GivingData

In the video below, learn how the Gaylord and Dorothy Donnelley Foundation: Streamlined the grantmaking process for themselves and grantees Improved ...

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GivingData Supports the #FixtheForm Movement

Birds of a feather flock together. It’s an old proverb but one that may explain why so many of us at GivingData attended Kari Aanestad’s and Laura ...

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Houston Endowment Uses Portfolio Management to Engineer System Change

Reflecting back on 2017, the team at Houston Endowment could not have envisioned how their grantmaking processes would evolve following their ...

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How GRM Tools Can Improve Your Grantmaking Processes and Impact

Many legacy grants management systems were built to manage grants, not relationships. And yet more funders than ever say their success as grantmakers ...

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Platform Tour: See What a Purpose-Built GMS Can Do for Your Foundation

In this webinar, Roberto Cremonini and Astrik Tenney provided a tour of GivingData, showcasing a few of our top grants management system features ...

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Scenario Planning: A Tool for Grantmakers When Uncertainty is High

One of my favorite quotes comes from a song John Lennon wrote for his four-year-old son, Sean. As Lennon comforts his son and muses on the days to ...

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