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GivingData Brings Two New Portal Products to Market

Cambridge, MA: GivingData, a cloud-based data platform for small, mid-sized and large grantmaking foundations, today announced the launch of two new portal products designed to streamline grant review and approval workflows for foundation program staff and board members. GivingData will demonstrate both products at Peak2020, a national conference for grantmaking professionals taking place in Seattle March 9-11, 2020.

The new Board Portal seamlessly integrates with the GivingData platform to provide foundation board members with visually rich, dashboard views of the data they need to make final grant determinations and budget allocations. The Reviewer Portal augments GivingData’s existing suite of solutions by providing program staff with customizable assessment metrics and support for global portfolio management. The two products can be integrated independently or together.

“Foundation staff and board members need the ability to evaluate grant applications and review relevant grant-related metrics that are highly tailored to their priorities and annual budgets in real-time,” said Michelle Humphreys, GivingData’s Director of Product Management. “GivingData is delivering on both fronts with the launch of two new products that can either stand alone or be fully integrated to support the rapidly-evolving needs of small family foundations with only one or two staff, to multi-billion dollar grantmaking foundations with multiple staff reviewing hundreds of grant applications.”

Both products are add-ons to the GivingData platform, which is a full-service, cloud-based grants management solution used by small, mid-sized and large foundations. GivingData has distinguished itself in the grantmaking sector by removing the complexity of grants management solutions without sacrificing power and flexibility.

These two new portal products will be available on March 16, 2020. For more information on contact

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GivingData helps foundations manage and transform grantmaking with its purpose-built, customizable grants management platform and expert consulting practice. Our team is comprised of former foundation leaders and seasoned software developers. We are more than just a grants making system—we are a trusted partner dedicated to building the best solution for your foundation’s needs.

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