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GivingData Launches New Cloud Solution for In-App Document Storage

GivingData Cloud provides grantmakers with enhanced flexibility.

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GivingData's New Homepage Personalizes Your Grants Management Experience

Becoming a more efficient grantmaking operation relies on having quick and easy access to your most pressing tasks and data points.

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New Feature Review: GivingData's New Personalized Homepage

In this webinar, we present GivingData's newly designed homepage, which allows you to access all of your most important work from your home screen, ...

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New Feature Review: Google Drive and Dropbox Integration

GivingData's new Google Drive and Dropbox integrations allow you to easily link to grant documents directly from your GMS. These new capabilities ...

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GivingData Launches New Integrations with Google Drive and Dropbox

Latest platform updates offer grantmakers four options for cloud-based document collaboration.

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Reduce Barriers and Increase Collaboration with Grantees

Foundations need two things to improve their grantees' application experience: a streamlined and trust-based process, and a technology that supports ...

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Say Hello to New GivingData Dashboards

Philanthropy is a dynamic field where forward-thinking funders constantly evolve to more effectively support the work of their nonprofit partners. ...

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GivingData Introduces Chart View For Enhanced Data Visualization

Every day, grantmakers generate and process large amounts of grant, contact, and communication data inside GivingData. Productivity can be inhibited ...

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New Feature Review: Data Visualizations and Updated Dashboards

GivingData's new data visualization capabilities allow grantmakers to build charts on nearly any dataset created using our Super Search tool. This ...

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Communication Tools that Enhance Your Grantee Relationships

Get a first-hand look inside GivingData's Grantee Relationship Management (GRM) tool and newly improved batch email integrations. Designed to help ...

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Feature Review: In-App Email, Personalized Dashboards & Multi-Currency

GivingData’s newest features help you move more of your grantmaking into a single platform, streamlining your planning, budgeting, and grantee ...

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Introducing Personalized Dashboards, In-App Email, and Multi-Currency

Enhancements include personalized dashboards offering customizable views of grantmaking data for grant managers, program officers, and senior ...

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From Search to Launch: 5 Tips for a Successful GMS Implementation

For many foundations, the journey to selecting a new Grants Management System (GMS) takes months, sometimes even years. It involves hours of staff ...

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Adaptive workflows support agile grantmaking in changing times

Workflows form the backbone of the grantmaking process. They ensure grant requests are reviewed efficiently and fairly, payments are paid accurately ...

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GivingData Brings Two New Portal Products to Market

Cambridge, MA: GivingData, a cloud-based data platform for small, mid-sized and large grantmaking foundations, today announced the launch of two new ...

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