GivingData Launches New Cloud Solution for In-App Document Storage

GivingData Cloud provides grantmakers with enhanced flexibility.

CAMBRIDGE, MA, March 24, 2023 - GivingData, a leading provider of SaaS-based grants management solutions for family and independent foundations, has released GivingData Cloud to support native document storage. 

GivingData Cloud works in tandem with existing document-linking options for Google Drive and Dropbox but adds several benefits, including the ability to seamlessly publish documents to GivingData’s grantee and board portals. It also enables users to create document templates with merge fields. 

“With a growing number of grantmaking foundations moving to cloud-based document storage, we saw an opportunity to extend this capability to users of GivingData and eliminate the need for third-party solutions that sit outside our SaaS platform,” said Eric Jones, Director of Product Management at GivingData. “This is especially valuable for lean foundations looking to streamline their processes while reducing administrative overhead.” 

GivingData Cloud is available at all subscription tiers and can be enabled with minimal setup. 

About GivingData
Founded in 2016, GivingData is a SaaS grants management system that streamlines every phase of the grant lifecycle. Its clients include family and independent foundations that provide funding to nonprofit organizations and NGOs across the social impact sector at the regional, national, and global levels. For more information, visit

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