Moving Conversations to Collaboration: Setting 2023 Intentions

Watch Roberto Cremonini and featured guest Satonya Fair, President and CEO of PEAK Grantmaking, discuss ways for grantmakers and foundations to set goals and intentions in the year ahead. 

In the first half of the webinar, Satonya and Roberto reflect back on last year's topic: Transformation vs. Change, and how PEAK Grantmaking and GivingData were inspired by this in 2022. It's clear that transformation is a group exercise and Satonya shares some incredible examples of ways that PEAK Grantmaking was able to take on transformations in the past year. 

The topic for 2023 is about moving from conversations to collaboration in philanthropy, which means not just collaboration among funders, or between funders and grantees, but also between funders, grantees, and - yes - vendors. Sometimes we don't get to collaborate in these conversations, because we don't have the right people in the room or we don't create the conditions for collaboration during the conversation. 

As is the case with every conversation between Satonya and Roberto, the webinar is chock-full of amazing insights and lessons every grantmaker can take back with them.