Equitable Grantmaking in Action: A Conversation with Candid and Siegel Family Endowment

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5 Foundation Roles Your Grants Management System Should Support

It's been nearly four decades since the first generation of grants management software hit the market. In 1985, MicroEdge Gifts came on 5 1/4-inch ...

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How Siegel Family Endowment Leverages Demographic Data

For many grantmakers, 2023 was a year to build more diverse and equitable portfolios. It’s a heavy lift even for foundations that already have a ...

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5 Considerations for a foundationConnect Transition

Salesforce plans to sunset its foundationConnect platform by January 2026, leaving many grantmakers to search for a new grants management system.

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Trust-Based Philanthropy: Electronic Grant Management System

Trust-based philanthropy is a transformative approach to grantmaking that emphasizes trust, transparency, and partnership between funders and ...

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Best Practices for Switching Grants Management Systems

Download our latest eBook with best practices for foundations transitioning to a new GMS. For this blog, we interviewed GivingData clients to ...

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Program Officers Look to Their GMS to Bolster Trust-based Philanthropy

As more foundations make trust-based philanthropy a cornerstone of their grantmaking, the role of program officers is changing. In addition to ...

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Hilton Foundation Enhances Grantmaking Efficiency & Consistency

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation issues hundreds of grants across a wide range of program areas every year, and suspected that their grantmaking ...

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Impactful Takeaways from PEAK2023

Earlier this month, the PEAK Grantmaking community reconnected in person for the first time in three years at PEAK2023, which promised to be a ...

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Activating Your Grantee Portal: Best Practices for Adoption and Support

A grantee portal is an excellent tool for foundations to streamline grant application and approval processes while reducing the administrative burden ...

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The Past, Present, and Future of Trust-Based Philanthropy

For over three years, the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project has addressed the power imbalances between funders, nonprofits, and communities.

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Hybrid Work in Philanthropy: Lessons Learned from Two Foundations

In March 2020, organizations in almost every industry were forced to quickly shift to remote work. Though they relied on many of the same ...

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Trust-Based Philanthropy: A Conversation with Shaady Salehi

Shaady Salehi, Executive Director of the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project, sat down with Roberto Cremonini to discuss the past, present, and future ...

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Setting 2023 Intentions with Satonya Fair and Roberto Cremonini

On January 24, 2023, President and CEO of PEAK Grantmaking, Satonya Fair, joined GivingData’s Roberto Cremonini for another discussion to kick off ...

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Moving Conversations to Collaboration: Setting 2023 Intentions

Watch Roberto Cremonini and featured guest Satonya Fair, President and CEO of PEAK Grantmaking, discuss ways for grantmakers and foundations to set ...

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How GivingData Strengthens the Way Grantmakers Work

In this webinar, we explore how our grants management software is used by foundations both large and small to streamline their processes and ...

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What Does TAG’s 2022 Survey Tell Us About Family Foundations?

The recently released TAG (Technology Association of Grantmakers) 2022 State of Philanthropy survey report includes insights that may help family ...

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Align Grant Application Process with Trust-Based Practices

With the philanthropic sector steadily adopting more trust-based practices, there has never been a more appropriate time to focus on easing the ...

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Transforming Philanthropy Together: Setting 2022 Intentions

Hear GivingData's Roberto Cremonini and featured guest, Satonya Fair, President & CEO, PEAK Grantmaking discuss ways to set goals and intentions ...

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