Trust-Based Philanthropy: A Conversation with Shaady Salehi

Shaady Salehi, Executive Director of the Trust-Based Philanthropy Project, sat down with Roberto Cremonini to discuss the past, present, and future of the trust-based philanthropy movement.

Together, they explored:

  • Major accomplishments, trends, and lessons learned since the start of the Project.
  • Common misconceptions about trust-based philanthropy.
  • How to look at grantmaking operations with a trust-based lens.
  • How grants management technology can support this work.
  • What is planned for 2023 and what we can expect from the initiative in the years to come.

No matter where you are in your Trust-Based Philanthropy journey, this webinar provides actionable advice to get you started or forge ahead.

Here are a few of the resources shared during the webinar: