Transforming Philanthropy Together: Setting 2022 Intentions

Hear GivingData's Roberto Cremonini and featured guest, Satonya Fair, President & CEO, PEAK Grantmaking discuss ways to set goals and intentions for yourself and your foundation in the year ahead.

The evolution of philanthropy seems to grind ahead slowly at times, but the last two years have been a notable exception for grantmakers. The pace of change has sped up and transformation is a must. So what can we expect in 2022?

If anyone has a crystal ball, it's Satonya Fair. As President and CEO of PEAK Grantmaking since the summer of 2020, she has successfully led PEAK during the most difficult of times and has wisdom to share.

We talk to Satonya about how funders can build on the current momentum and use collaborative energy to set intentions that push forward on advancements that have been decades in the making.

We also share insights from GivingData's work with foundations that have successfully moved beyond ineffective, legacy practices to achieve more equitable and sustainable outcomes for the communities they support.