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Hilton Foundation Enhances Grantmaking Efficiency & Consistency

The Conrad N. Hilton Foundation issues hundreds of grants across a wide range of program areas every year, and suspected that their grantmaking processes were not as streamlined as they’d hoped. The grants management team was deployed to investigate just where bottlenecks and delays might be occurring, and used GivingData Workflows to measure the completion of tasks in their process, in order to improve turnaround times and ensure an integrity of experience between their team and the nonprofits they partner with.

The methodology their grants management team created and implemented will be used by the entire foundation for years to come, highlighting that the value of a grants management software extends across the entire foundation staff.

"With GivingData, our grants management team has demonstrated the remarkable insights we can unlock, while empowering the foundation to enhance and optimize its processes. It's a testament to the boundless potential of leveraging technology for impactful philanthropy." - Richelle Pittella, Manager of Grants Training and Process at Conrad N. Hilton Foundation

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